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Residential Roofing Services

One of the most vital things we need in life is a roof over our heads, and here at Honoluu Roofing Pros- we are honored to build a safe, reliable and durable roof to protect you and your loved ones. We select only the highest grade materials to ensure that your roof is reliable and built well.

Whether you need a complete roof replacement, roof repair, maintenance, emergency roof repair or even just need a small hole patched up, Honolulu Roofing Pros has got you covered for your residential roofing needs!

What all residential homeowners desire is a high quality, long lasting roof that will not only deal well with the ravages of weather and last a long time. 

In addition, roofing is usually repaired (or at least replaced) about every ten years, so installing high quality roofing will ensure you will not have to pay for re-installation or reparations earlier, helping offset the cost or helping keep new expenses at bay for as long as possible !

 We provide residential and commercial roofing services in Hawai’i, and with many years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients.

Our highly trained professionals will not only do an excellent job at a competitive price, but we will keep you updated on the process and what is being done to your roofing (and why) so you can fully understand each step!

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Roof Leak

Picture of a damaged roof that needs repair to fix the lead. Taken in Honolulu, HI.

There are few things that are worse than waking up to the sight and sound of water tripping through your roof, especially with the heavy rains that Hawaii provides. Leaks can happen from age, a tree falling down, a storm or even an animal. It’s vital that you call right away to get the hole patched up. The waiting game can lead to dangerous water damage and allowing pests or rodents to enter your home and create an even bigger problem. Honolulu Roofing Pros has the tools and knowledge to track down and fix the troublesome leak in your roof. 

Even the best roof installations are not immune to relentless weather that can unfortunately happen in a tropical location like Oahu. Before your roof leak leads to mold, water damage or pests, contact us so we can get the roof over your head back into tip-top shape! 

Metal Roofing Hawaii

Man installing roof in Honolulu, Hawaii. Metal Roofing is a very popular choice for warm, tropical areas like Hawaii. Some benefits to metal roofing include longevity. Metal roofs can last as long as 50 years in some cases, and are a very practical choice for homes on Oahu and across the state. Metal will not crack in the heat, and they actually deflect heat from the sun from entering the home, as opposed to absorbing the heat that many other roofing materials do.

Metal roofs are also one of the few roofing materials that are resistant to fires. Metal roofs are built to withstand winds of up to 150mph, and in Hawaii’s hurricane zone, this is a great safe option! If your metal roof does need repair down the line, usually new metal can be placed over the original metal which can save you time and money.

But will metal roofs attract lighting? 

The short answer is no- metal roofing will not make lightening more likely to strike your roof during a lighting storm. 

According to the Metal Construction Association, research has shown that the materials used in metal roofing construction have not increased the risk of a lightning strike. 

Now there is no way to “lightening-proof” your home, but in the small chance your roof does get a strike of lightening, you may be better off with a metal roof! Properly grounded metal roofs that are built with the correct requirements can actually conduct energy from lighting over a much broader area of the roof which can reduce the transferring of heat into your home — in turn drastically reducing damage from fire. 

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